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Chronological of Shootings By Indonesian Police To Melky Balagaize in Merauke, Papua

The Photo of Melky Balagaize been shot by Indonesian Police in Merauke, Papua

West Papua Zone Emergency now, take urgent action for to safe West Papuan’s!!!

On Wednesday, dated 14th of September 2016 at 19:00 pm the shooting was carried out by unscrupulous Polairud Police (Brigadier Diram) who served in Wanam, Woggikel Ilwayab District, of Merauke.

Victims: Melky Balagaize aged 19th years old was shot in the left buttocks. The shooting began from the victim and his friends were the night Club, then wanted to go home to past Wogikel citizens housing. W
hen passing in front of a residential community, Melky had cut the electric cable but does not break.
Seeing the action, a Policeman his name is (Brigadier Diram) who was too drunk to follow the youth group were Melky reprimand. When rebuked Melky words posed is "what have you got a machete? But Melky answered that this is not a machete I had, but a friend had a machete that he forgot so I just help to bring it.

And I take this machete is also part of the keep safe myself, as well as the police too to carry guns to take care of yourself as well. After that, Polairud whose name Diram leave staying Melky and he went to his Police post. 

Before leave staying Melky, the Policeman (Brigadier Diram) said that that a boy like this should to shoot. When Melky heard Diram words, Melky not satisfied and follow Diram to the Police post to ask why a pack of police to shoot me, what have I done wrong?

When he sign Diram checkpoints in through the back and Melky enter through the front. Melky unquestioningly, what the purpose of his arrival to the Police post, the Policeman (Diram) direct straight were shot toward to Melky using a long-barreled guns or AK 47 one time from the back of the left buttock.

After Diram shoot Melky, Yayan friends of Diram came and chased the victim and beating Melky on the front side and right eye brow using rifle butts of Ak 47 (long-barreled) type. Photo below!
Photo of Indonesian Police Shot Melky Balagaize in Merauke, West Papua
When Yayan the beating, the victim was fighting and after that the victim ran to rescue him. When the victim ran and suddenly fell unconscious. When the victim fell unconscious, Yayan still want to kick to the victim's chest chest.

When looking at the incident, his colleagues and the local people came to help victims. And the victim was rushed to the clinic at Woggikel- Wanam Ilwayab district of Merauke.

Furthermore Melky treatment at PUSKESMAS (community Health centers) of Woggikel-wanam District and doctors Cimi Rosadi Ilwayab help and save him for one night.

Date on 15th of September 2018 doctors recommend him to transfer to Negeral Hospitals of Merauke, Papua for equipment because in the clinic is not complete equipment.

Therefore, the victim escorted by Valentine pioneer ship, headed Merauke and arrived on the 16th of September at 15:00pm and bolt directly to General Hospitals of Merauke. This time the victims were still being treated at General Hospitals of Merauke in VIP room.

Seeing this incident, the victim's father Melkior Balaigaize strongly condemn the acts committed by some individuals in the name of Brigadier Diram and Yayan.
The Photo of Indonesian Police Shot Melky Balagaize in Merauke, West Papua
 Therefore, the victim's father requested that this issue should be prosecuted and the perpetrators must be dealt with firmly under applicable law.

The village headman Woggikel “ Kaize Abel” spoke out, the village chief was very upset by the actions of individual Polairud this. He said that this is not time this happened but it repeatedly.
The culprit is Polairud, Navy, Police. Therefore, he asked for the post of Polairud who were there immediately withdrawn from woggikel-wanam Ilwayab district, Papua.

Because they are not security but actually makes people uncomfortable with their presence there. The village chief also asked the military and police who are serving there do not do business on alcohol.

Because we from village officials have been trying to eliminate drink alcohol but the sellers were backed up by military and police so that the liquor was still circulating in the region.

According to the head of the village that this beverage was imported by a fishing boat coming from outside Merauke. And strangely some of Armed Forces and Police in Wanam do business the sale of liquor by the way they entrust alcoholic to migrants or non Papua who sell liquor there.

While the purchase of Alcoholic drinks are Papuans and Papuans often become a victims of the Armed Forces and the National Police for consuming liquor sold there. Wimbuok Aud report on   September 17th 2016

Translated, Edited and Republishing by,
Sebby Sambom
West Papuan Human Rights Defender
(Former West Papuan Political Prisoner)

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