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Urgent News: Rian Frangklin Demena Been Kidnapping, Murdered & Killed by Indonesian Security Forces in Sentani, West Papua

Photo of Rian Frangklin Demena was Kidnaping, Murdered and Killed by Indonesian Special Security Forces

 Issues: "Kidnappings & Disappearances/Enforced disappearances &  abductions"

Report on Kidnappings, , Murdered Tortured & Killed o f Youth Papuna rights activists "RIAN FRANGKLIN DEMENA" As of July 25th, 2016 In Jayapura, Papua by Indonesian special security forces

Asian Human Rights Commission in Hong Kong, ICP, to the All Institutes of Human Rights Working Groups Around the world & to International Community

On this occasion I reported about the condition of human rights in West Papua related 'Enforced Disappearances And Abductions "Enforced disappearances and abductions" on July 25, 2016 in Jayapura on actions taken by the Indonesian Military Special Forces.

Human rights situation in West Papua after MSG summit date on July 14th, 2016 in Honiara, Solomon Islands less conducive. It can be seen from the actions and kidnappings or "Enforced disappearances and abductions" by the Indonesian Military Special Forces against "RIAN FRANGKLIN DEMENA".

Place / Date of Birth: Maribu, September 26th 1996
Gender: Male
Address: VILLAGE of Maribu
RT/RW: 003/001
Village/Kel. : Maribu
Subdistrict/District: WEST Sentani, Jayapura-Papua
Religious: Christianity
Status: MARRIED YET (Single)
Occupation:  University STUDENT
Citizenship: citizen of Sentani Papua Indonesia
Age: 20 years old
Father's name : .................
Mother's name : .................
Origin: Maribu, Sentani, Papua
ID of Rian Frangklin Demena who was Murdered and Killed by Indonesian Special Security Forces on July 25th 2016
RIAN FRANGKLIN DEMENA, Kidnappings, murdred, tortured and killed by Indonesian Special Forces on July 25th, 2016, Monday morning, around 10 am, when the victim came out with a new motor vehicle that is bought by his father to try a long-distance path.

Around at 13:00 pm an local time, occurred deterrence, hold-up, beating up the murdered victim in the new mid-way between the District of Kemtuk West Sentani, in Land of Moys Tribe.

RIAN FRANGKLIN DEMENA, is West Papuan Independence Activist who has been reported the violations of human rights "About Arrested of seven (7) Civilians Papua at District of Depapre to the Asian Human Rights Commission.

"On Friday February 15th, 2013 10:00am Hours of Papua time, there was the arrested of some civil society by Detachment 88, assisted by the police in Depapre Village District of Depapre, and also assisted by POLRES Doyo, Jayapura district. Victims mistreated by the authorities so that experience of condition problems".

Urgent Appeal Case: AHRC-UAC-024-2013
 February 19th 2013
INDONESIA: Seven Papuans are Arrested and Tortured on false allegations of having a relationship with pro-independence Activists
ISSUES: Arbitrary arrest and detention, Inhuman and degrading treatment, police violence, torture "
RIAN FRANGKLIN DEMENA, also is a member of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Region of Tabi Land, which is actively involved in acts of KNPB.

In connection with these actions, there is no guarantee of future life and no life security and the future for the people of Papua.

As previously known, long march to support the United Liberation Movement for West  Papua became a full membership of the Melanesian Spearhead Group summit MSG on July 14th, 2016 in Honiara, Solomon Island. The National Commission on Human Rights found eight alleged human rights violations in the incident at the Papuans students dormitory, Kamasan I, Jalan Kusumanegara street, in Jogyakarta, on July 14th to 16th.

Commissioner of National Human Rights Commission Mr. Natalius Pigai by a press conference in Jakarta, on Friday July 22th 2016, said that there are eight alleged violations of Human Rights in an incident in Papuan Students Dormitory Kamasan I, Kusumanegara street, Yogyakarta, on July 14th  to 16th 2016.

First, there has been a restriction of freedom of expression and opinion, "said Pigai. Such restrictions, contrary to Law No. 39 of 1999 on Human Rights, Law No. 12 of 2005 on the Ratification of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and Law No. 9 of 2008 concerning Freedom of Expression in Public.

Secondly, outbreaks of violence by police officers against Papuan students outside the dormitory. And the Law No. 39 of 1999 on Human Rights, Law No. 12 of 2005 on the Ratification of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and Law No. 5 of 1998 on Ratification of the Convention against Torture.

Third violation, occurred hate speech in the form of verbal violence contains elements of racism from intolerant organizations, students. This is contrary to Law No. 40 of 2008 on the Elimination of Racial and Ethnic Discrimination.
Alleged violations of the fourth, going up Pigai omission by the authorities in the speeches contain hate speech intolerant racist organizations who came to Papuan Students Dormitory. And the Law No. 39 of 1999 on Human Rights.
Alleged violations of the fifth, the Provincial Government of Jogyakarta Special Region has not given the freedom and security of Papuan students through concrete measures such as issuing regional regulations, instructions governor or official statement to prevent acts of racism against Papuans, "said Pigai.

While violations of the sixth, was the arrest and detention of eight students from Papua by the police, one of whom was named a suspect, without two strong evidence. Commission considers that it is contrary to the principle of equitable laws enforcement and non-discriminatory as stipulated in Law No. 39 of 1999 on Human Rights and Law No. 12 of 2005 on the Ratification of the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Seventh, the use of excessive force by police were visible on the deployment of the number of officials on a large scale, the use of weapons, and the tear gas that is directed to the Papuas Students Dormitory, further Pigai.

And lastly, interpretation statement by Jogyakarta Governor Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X to about separatism that should not be there in Jogya. That remark multiple interpretations because it is not addressed to individuals associated separatism, so it can be interpreted addressed to the Papuans in Jogya.

Those words, according to the Commission, can also be used by 25 organizations in the province and the local community to take action contrary to the principles of human rights.

Eight alleged human rights violations were announced after National Commission of Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia (Komnas HAM) directly down to the location of the incident and request information from a number of parties such as the Legal Aid of Jogyakarta, Papuan students in Jogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono to X, and Police Chief of Special Region of Jogyakarta (DIY). News sources: Inilah Delapan Pelanggaran Insiden Asrama Papua di Jogyakarta 

As a Democratic State, Indonesia has recognized the rights of its citizens in law (UUD'45), Law No.39 of 1999 on Human Rights, Law No. 26 Year 2000 on Human Rights Court. In addition there is the ratification of international instruments, such as Law No. 5 of 1998 on Ratification of the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Regarding Treatment or Punishment (Convention against Torture and Degrading Treatment or Punishment Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Human) and Ratification the Covenant on Civil and Political rights are, into Law No. 12 Year of 2005. However, none of these instruments sharing that is effective, both in terms of enforcement and implementation.


First Day of July 25th, 2016
On July 25th, 2016, Monday morning, at approximately 10am victims out with a new motor vehicle purchased by his father to try a long distance path, the way the victim saw a black car followed.
Motorcycles belonging to the deceased (Rian Frangklin Demena) which Indonesia is stopped and killed at New Road in Sentani, Papua on Monday July 25th 2016

According to testimony
Seeing the car, the victim stopped to smoke with the aim of let the car pass. It turned out that the car stopped in front of the victim and immediately there are downstairs and immediately asked the victim, he said, "is the name are you Rian Demena? Because they know the victim, the victim called them, "ah .. let smoke here! Suddenly, there are members of thugs that descended directly hold up the victim with a gun ". Thugs, asking the victim again, "whose your name is Rian Demena? Direct hit while asking about the "journey all Papuan human rights activist in and out of Papua through the Which?" The activists will be back when? And then back through where? As he hit the victim, perpetrator asks, "did you know activists names?, Is this the victim answered," I know, but do not know where they live ". Performers inquire about the whereabouts of Terryanus Satto, "Terianus Satto at home? He was home by Which? Replied the victim, "I do not know where he came home through". Perpetrators also asked the victim, "Why join the activities of the Free Papua? You are the youth Java, the victim replied, "I'm with a conscience". It had been a stirring mouth between victims and perpetrators. When struck, the victim attempted to escape, but the perpetrators kicked the victim until the victim fell. Fearing victims escape, eventually perpetrators cut large veins in the legs of the victim. Finally, the victim cried out for help "," help….help….help…me please! (Toloooong ...! Toloooong ..! Toloooong ...!).
After the Indonesian Security Forces cut leg veins of Rian Frangklin Demena so powerless then easyly they killed him
The victim was dragged and put into a black car, some of the victim's fingers were broken off, and then stabbed in the neck to penetrate the victim's heart. Eventually the victim breathed and died in the car. Victims being dragged out of the car and immediately disposed of lying on the highway, as if hit by a truck.

According to testimony
According to testimony, when the offender is already executing victims, there is a truck that rises to load the timber in a new way. The driver who drove truct named, "Tikno". He was attacked with guns and forced to pose as the perpetrator in the murder through the truck accident.

Rian Franklin Demena corpse after the Indonesian Security Forces kidnaped and killed him on Monday of July 25th 2016
Perpetrators of armed robbery and forced "Tikno" to pose as the perpetrator, if Tikno not confess, then Tikno and his family will be finished soon. Because gunpoint and forced eventually "Tikno" claiming to be the perpetrator.

Furthermore, the main perpetrators and direct victims turn on the motor bike towards the truck with high gas release the motor ran right into the side of truck until the motor is destroyed. This is done to trick the main actors.

Finally, the main perpetrators contact the nearest police station, Dosay police, West Sentani District Land of Moy tribe, that there had been no accidents on the new road. When there response back from the nearest police station, the Principal fled disappeared.

According to testimony Residents of  Waibron Village
"We were surprised to see the group of police on a motorbike and car busy to go through a new path, to make us wonder," What's in a new way? And a few minutes later, there was an ambulance in again riding through the new road.

After police arrived on the scene, the police directly if-the scene of the victim. After an investigation, the police immediately contact the nearest ambulance to bring the victim to the hospital for further Yoware Hospital Visum.

A few hours later, the victim's family had been informed that their child was hit by a truck riding through the new road, the family went straight to the hospital to see the victim.

In the hospital,
For a few hours at the hospital, the victim has received Visum care physicians, and the results proved that the Visum large veins in the victim's legs are cut, some broken fingers, neck , and no punctures sharp tool in the neck right through the heart of the victim.

Finally, the victim was placed in the morgue to his family encountered. When the victim's father arrived, saw the bodies of his son and the autopsy report proving the doctor, the victim's father immediately called the hospital to deliver his corpse home.
The family found the body of the deceased Rian Frangklin Demena in the General Hospital of Yowari, Sentani Papua
According to the victim's father's testimony
"A few hours later after the body of his son had arrived home with the family, the polices from Dosay police station, West Sentani District Land Moy, come express condolences on the death of the father of the child, and given some aid money worth Rp. 3,000,000 (Three Million) of IDR, 4 sacks rice, and 4 CardboardNoodles for funeral needs. Seeing the scenario, the victim's father immediately shocked and surprised by the actions of the police station to make the victim's father did not believe it.

Second Day of July 26th, 2016
The victim's body cemetery in Maribu Village General Cemetery, in Depapre Street. The cacophony of cries tears full of family, friends and friends accompany drove the victim's body with anguish.

Third Day July 27th, 2016
According to the victim's father's testimony
According to the testimony of the victim's father, around 09 o'clock am in the morning, there was the Prog with Inova car inscribed Prog, came to see me with the family of the victim.

The testimony of the victim's father, they came and told me, that we want to help the money for the victim's family. If you could be the signature of these letters, we will now also send money to the father's account worth of Rp. 25 Million (Twenty Five Million) of IDR.

Hearing that, the victim's father told the Prog that "I can not do that, because I still imagine the face of my son, and I also do not have a savings account.

Hear what is described by the victim's father, the Prog instantly offered to the victim's father, "We can help open an account you right now, which is important father signatures our letter below it, and our account open, you only signature course.

Prog-party bid hear repeatedly, the victim's father directly firmly rejected all bids Prog party, one of whose members come from the Highlands of West Papua (Kudiay) from Paniai, West Papua.

A few hours later, the victim's father immediately booked a car and transporting all the help from the Dosay Police, District of West Sentani, Land of Moy Tribe, among others; aid money worth Rp. 3,000,000 (Three Million) of IDR, 4 sacks of rice, and 4 Cardboard of Noodles to the local police to be returned. Because his father did not accept all falsity for the murdered of his son.

1. KTP (ID) of  Owned Victims
2. Motor of Owned Victims
Puncture proof Victims In The Neck
4. Photo of Evidence Vein Big Foot Victims The Cut
5. Photo of Body Victims
6. Evidenceof Police crime Investigated scene
10. PHOTO of EVIDENCE OF ASSISTANCE Distric of Police of West Sentani
The Form 4 Sacks of Rice and 4 Cardboard of Noodle


Seeing acts of tortures and murders committed by Indonesian Special Forces against the victim on Monday, July 25th, 2016, the statements of our position as follows:

1. The right to life we ​​as indigenous Papuans threatened that we would ask the International Community to urge the Human Rights Commission of Asian Pacific to immediately urge the Secretary-General of the United Nations to carry out an international intervention in Papua, to end of prolonged conflict that continues still occur in Papua ;

2. We asked the Asian-Pacific Human Rights Commission to immediately urge the Member States of the United Nations to urge the Secretary-General of the United Nations to the United Nations Assembly in September 2016 to conduct an international intervention in Papua as well as immediately;
3. We asked to the Chairman of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) to be considered acts of tortures and murders of human rights activists in West Papua epecialy a Young "RIAN FRANGKLIN DEMENA" on MSG leaders meeting in September 2016 in Port Vila Vanuatu;

4. We asked the Chairman of  Pasific Islands Forum (PIF) to be considered acts of torturee and murdered of human rights activists at the meeting (PIF) in September 2016.

5. We asked the Chairman of the GKI Synod, in Papua for to call the Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) urged to World Council of Churches to immediately pay attention to the decision Bursam, South Korea.

Similarly, reports of the tortured and murdered of  a young Papuan human rights activists by the Indonesian Military Special Forces at New Road between West and Kemtuk District of Sentani, Jayapura district. Therefore, we ask the attention of the international community on the human rights situation in West Papua today.

issued: in Jayapura, West Papua, July 29th, 2016
Written Report by A. Trapen
West Papuan Rights Activist
Edited, Translated & Publishing by
Sebby Sambom
West Papuan Human Rights Defender
(Former West Papuan Political Prisoner)


Urgent News: Rian Frangklin Demena Diculik dan dibunuh oleh  Aparat Keamanan Indonesia di Sentani Papua Barat

Issues: “Penculikan Dan Penghilangan Paksa /Enforced disappearances & abductions”

Laporan Tentang Penyiksaan Dan Pembunuhan Terhadap Aktivist HAM Mudah Papua “RIAN FRANGKLIN DEMENA” Pada Tanggal 25 Juli 2016 Di Jayapura Papua

Kepada Yang Terhormat,
Asian Human Rights Commission di Hong Kong, ICP dan kepada Semua Lembaga Pekerja HAM di Seluruh dunia

Pada kesempatan ini saya melaporkan tentang Kondisi HAM di Papua terkait “Penghilangan Dan Penculikan Paksa “Enforced disappearances and abductions” pada tanggal 25 Juli 2016 di Jayapura atas tindakan yang dilakukan oleh  Pasukan Khusus Militer Indonesia.

Kondisi HAM di Papua paska KTT MSG pada tangal 14 Juli 2016 di Honiara Solomon Island semakin tidak kondusif. Hal tersebut dapat dilihat dari tindakan Penghilangan dan Penculikn Paksa “Enforced disappearances and abductions” yang dilakukan oleh Pasukan Khusus Militer Indonesia terhadap “RIAN FRANGKLIN DEMENA”.

Nama                            : RIAN FRANGKLIN DEMENA
Tempat/Tgl Lahir         : MARIBU, 26-09-1996
Jenis Kelamin     : LAKI-LAKI Gol.: -
Alamat                 : KAMPUNG MARIBU
RT/RW                :003 /001
Desa/Kel.            : MARIBU
Kecamatan/Distrik       : SENTANI BARAT
Agama                : KRISTEN
Status                           : BELUM KAWIN
Pekerjaan           : PELAJAR /MAHASISWA
Kewarganegaraan      : WNI
Umur                             : 20 Tahun
Nama Ayah                  : .................
Nama Ibu            : .................
Asal                     : Maribu, Sentani-Papua
RIAN FRANGKLIN DEMENA, disiksa dan dibunuh oleh Pasukan Khusus Indonesia pada tanggal 25 Juli 2016, Senin pagi, sekitar pukul 10 pagi, saat korban keluar dengan kendaraan motor baru yang dibelikan oleh ayahnya untuk mencoba jalan jarak jauh.

Sekitar pukul 01, atau 13:00 siang Waktu setempat, terjadi penghadangan, penodongan, pemukulan hingga pembunuhan korban di pertengahan jalan baru antara Distrik Kemtuk dan Distrik Sentani Barat di wilayah Tanah Moy.

RIAN FRANGKLIN DEMENA, adalah West Papuan Independence Rights Activist yang pernan memberikan laporan pelanggaran HAM “Tentang Penangkapan 7 Warga Sipil Papua di Distrik Depapre kepada Asian Human Rights Commission.

Pada hari Jumat tanggal 15 Februari 2013 Jam 10:00 Waktu Papua, terjadi penangkapan terhadap beberapa masyarakat sipil oleh DENSUS-88 yang dibantu langsung oleh Polsek Depapre di Kampung Depapre, Distrik Depapre, dan juga dibantu oleh POLRES Doyo, Kabupaten Jayapura. Korban dianiaya oleh aparat sehingga mengalami gangguan kesehatan”.

Urgent Appeal Case: AHRC-UAC-024-2013
19 February 2013
INDONESIA: Seven Papuans are arrested and tortured on false allegations of having a relationship with pro-independence activists
ISSUES: Arbitrary arrest & detention, inhuman & degrading treatment, police violence, torture “
RIAN FRANGKLIN DEMENA, juga adalah Anggota Komite Nasional Papua Barat (KNPB) Wilayah Tanah Tabi, yang aktif terlibat dalam aksi-aksi KNPB.

Berkaitan dengan tindakan tersebut, tidak ada jaminan hidup dan masa depan no life security and the future bagi orang Papua.

Seperti diketahui sebelumnya, aksi long march mendukung Gerakan Pembebasan Papua menjadi anggota penuh Melanesian Spearhead Group pada KTT MSG pada tanggal 14 Juli 2016 di Honiara Solomon Island, Komisi Nasional Hak Asasi Manusia menemukan delapan dugaan pelanggaran HAM dalam insiden di Asrama Mahasiswa Papua Kamasan I, Jalan Kusumanegara, Yogyakarta, pada tanggal 14-16 Juli lalu.

Komisioner Komnas HAM Natalius Pigai dalam konferensi pers di Jakarta, Jumat (22/7/2016), menyebutkan ada delapan dugaan pelanggaran Hak Asasi Manusia dalam insiden di Asrama Mahasiswa Papua Kamasan I, Jalan Kusumanegara, Yogyakarta, pada tanggal 14-16 Juli 2016 lalu.

Pertama, telah terjadi pembatasan kebebasan berekspresi dan berpendapat,” kata Pigai.
Pembatasan tersebut, telah bertentangan dengan Undang-Undang Nomor 39 Tahun 1999 tentang Hak Asasi Manusia, UU Nomor 12 Tahun 2005 tentang Ratifikasi Kovenan Hak Sipil dan Politik, dan UU Nomor 9 Tahun 2008 tentang Kemerdekaan Menyatakan Pendapat di Depan Umum.
Kedua, terjadi tindak kekerasan oleh aparat Kepolisian terhadap mahasiswa Papua di luar lingkungan asrama. Ini bertentangan dengan UU Nomor 39 Tahun 1999 tentang Hak Asasi Manusia, UU Nomor 12 Tahun 2005 tentang Ratifikasi Kovenan Hak Sipil dan Politik, dan UU Nomor 5 Tahun 1998 tentang Ratifikasi Konvensi Menentang Penyiksaan.
Pelanggaran ketiga, terjadi hate speech berupa kekerasan verbal mengandung unsur rasisme dari ormas intoleran terhadap mahasiswa Papua. Hal ini bertentangan dengan UU Nomor 40 Tahun 2008 tentang Penghapusan Diskriminasi Ras dan Etnis.
Dugaan pelanggaran keempat, lanjut Pigai terjadi pembiaran oleh aparat keamanan atas orasi berisi hate speech rasis dari ormas intoleran yang mendatangi Asrama Mahasiswa Papua. Ini bertentangan dengan UU Nomor 39 Tahun 1999 tentang Hak Asasi Manusia.
Dugaan pelanggaran kelima, Pemerintah Provinsi Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta belum memberikan jaminan kebebasan dan rasa aman bagi mahasiswa Papua melalui langkah konkret seperti mengeluarkan peraturan daerah, instruksi gubernur, atau pernyataan resmi untuk mencegah tindakan rasisme terhadap warga Papua,” ungkap  Pigai.
Sedangkan pelanggaran keenam, adalah terjadi penangkapan dan penahanan terhadap delapan orang mahasiswa Papua oleh Kepolisian, dengan satu di antaranya ditetapkan sebagai tersangka, tanpa dua alat bukti yang kuat. Hal tersebut dinilai Komnas HAM bertentangan dengan prinsip penegakan hukum yang berkeadilan dan nondiskriminatif seperti diatur dalam UU Nomor 39 Tahun 1999 tentang HAM dan UU Nomor 12 Tahun 2005 tentang Ratifikasi Kovenan Hak Sipil dan Politik.
Ketujuh, Penggunaan kekuatan berlebihan oleh Kepolisian yang terlihat dari pengerahan jumlah aparat secara besar-besaran, penggunaan senjata, dan adanya tembakan gas air mata yang diarahkan ke Asrama Mahasiswa Papua, lanjut Pigai.
Dan yang terakhir, multitafsirnya pernyataan Gubernur DIY Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono ke X tentang separatisme yang tidak boleh ada di Yogya. Ucapan itu multitafsir karena tidak ditujukan kepada individu yang terkait separatisme, sehingga dapat dimaknai ditujukan kepada orang Papua di Yogya. 
Perkataan itu, menurut Komnas HAM, juga dapat dimanfaatkan oleh 25 ormas di DIY dan masyarakat setempat untuk melakukan tindakan yang bertentangan dengan prinsip HAM.
Delapan dugaan pelanggaran HAM tersebut diumumkan setelah Komnas HAM turun langsung ke lokasi kejadian dan meminta keterangan dari sejumlah pihak seperti Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Yogyakarta, mahasiswa Papua di Yogya, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono ke X, dan Kapolda DIY. Sumber berita: Inilah Delapan Pelanggaran Insiden Asrama Papua di Jogyakarta 

Sebagai Negara Demokrasi, Indonesia telah mengakui HAM warga negaranya didalam UUD’45, UU No.39 Tahun 1999 Tentang HAM, UU No. 26 Tahun 2000 Tentang Pengadilan HAM. Selain itu ada ratifikasi instrumen  internasional, seperti Undang Undang Nomor 5 Tahun 1998 tentang Pengesahan Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Regarding Treatment or Punishment (Konvensi Menentang Penyiksaan dan Perlakuan atau Penghukuman lain yang Kejam, Tidak Manusiawi atau Merendahkan Martabat Manusia) dan Ratifikasi terhadap Konvenan Hak- hak Sipil dan Politik, menjadi UU No. 12 Tahun 2005. Walaupun demikian, tak ada satupun dari berbagi intrumen ini yang berlaku efektif, baik dari sisi penegakan maupun penerapannya.


Hari Pertama 25 Juli 2016
Pada tanggal 25 Juli 2016, Senin pagi, sekitar pukul 10 korban keluar dengan kendaraan motor baru yang dibeli ayahnya untuk mencoba jalan jarak jauh, dalam perjalanan korban melihat ada mobil hitam yang mengikutinya.

Menurut Kesaksian
Melihat mobil tersebut, korban berhenti untuk merokok dengan tujuan biarkan mobil tersebut lewat. Ternyata mobil tersebut berhenti di depan korban dan langsung ada yang turun dan langsung menanyakan korban, katanya, “Ko ini yang namanya Rian Demena kah? Karena korban mengenal mereka, korban memanggil mereka, “ah.. mari merokok duluh! Tiba-tiba ada anggota preman yang turun langsung menodong korban dengan pistol”. Preman tersebut, menanyakan korban sekali lagi, “Ko ini yang namanya Rian Demena kah? Langsung dipukul sambil menanyakan tentang “perjalanan semua activist HAM Papua masuk keluar Papua lewat manakah?” Para activist itu akan balik kapan? Dan nanti balik lewat mana? Sambil memukul korban, Pelaku menanyakan, “Ko kenal aktivist nama-nama inikah?, Korban menjawab, “Saya kenal, tetapi tidak tahu mereka tinggal dimana”. Pelaku menanyakan tentang keberadaan Terianus Satto, “Terianus Satto kapan pulang? Dia pulang lewat manakah? Jawab korban, “Saya tidak tahu dia pulang lewat mana”. Pelaku juga menanyakan korban, “Kenapa ko ikut kegiatan Papua Merdeka? Ko orang Jawa baru, jawab korban, “Saya ikut dengan hati nurani”.  Hal tersebut sempat terjadi aduk mulut antara korban dan pelaku. Ketika dipukul, korban berusaha untuk melarikan diri, namun pelaku menendang korban hingga korban jatuh. Karena takut korban melarikan diri, akhirnya pelaku memotong urat besar pada bagian kaki korban. Akhirnya korban teriak-teriak minta tolong”, “Toloooong…! Toloooong..! Toloooong…!

Korban diseret dan dimasukan ke dalam mobil hitam, beberapa jari tangan korban dipatahkan, dan kemudian ditikam dibagian leher hingga menembus jantung korban. Akhirnya korban menghembuskan napas dan mati di dalam mobil. Korban diseret keluar dari dalam mobil dan langsung dibuang tergeletak dijalan raya, seolah-olah ditabrak oleh truck.

Menurut Kesaksian
Menurut Kesaksian, ketika pelaku sudah mengeksekusi korban, ada sebuah truck yang naik untuk memuat kayu di jalan baru. Sopir yang mengendarai truct tersebut bernama, “Tikno”. Dia ditodong dengan senjata dan dipaksakan mengaku sebagai pelaku dalam pembunuhan  melalui kecelakaan truck tersebut.
Pelaku menodong dan memaksa  “Tikno” untuk mengaku sebagai pelaku, jika Tikno tidak mengaku, maka Tikno dan keluarganya akan dihabisi segera. Karena ditodong dan dipaksakan akhirnya “Tikno” mengaku sebagai pelaku.

Selanjutnya, pelaku utama menghidupkan motor korban dan mengarahkan motor kearah truck dengan gas tinggi melepas motor tersebut lari langsung menabrak samping truck hingga motor tersebut hancur. Hal ini dilakukan untuk mengelabui pelaku utama.

Akhirnya, pelaku utama menghubungi Kantor Polsek terdekat, Polsek Dosay, Distrik Sentani Barat Tanah Moy, bahwa telah ada kecelakaan di jalan baru. Ketika sudah ada respon balik dari Polsek terdekat, Pelaku Utama langsung kabur menghilang.

Menurut Kesaksian Warga Kampung Waibron
“Kami terkejut melihat rombongan polisi dengan menggunakan motor dan mobil ramai-ramai masuk lewat jalan baru, hingga membuat kami bertanya-tanya, “Ada apa di jalan baru? Dan beberapa menit kemudian, ada sebuah mobil ambulance masuk lagi naik lewat jalan baru.

Setelah polisi tiba di tempat kejadian, polisi langsung melakukan olah-TKP terhadap korban. Setelah melakukan penyelidikan, polisi langsung menghubungi mobil ambulance terdekat untuk membawa korban ke Rumah Sakit Yoware untuk selanjutnya dilakukan Visum.

Beberapa jam kemudian, keluarga korban mendapat informasi bahwa anak mereka ditabrak oleh truck yang naik lewat jalan baru, maka keluarga langsung menuju rumah sakit untuk melihat korban.

Di Rumah Sakit
Selama beberapa jam di rumah sakit, korban telah mendapat pelayanan Visum dokter, dan hasil Visum tersebut membuktikan bahwa urat besar di kaki korban dipotong, beberapa jari tangan dipatahkan, leher dicekit, dan ada tusukan alat tajam di leher bagian kanan menembus jantung korban.

Akhirnya korban ditempatkan di kamar mayat untuk ditemui keluarganya. Ketika ayah korban tiba, melihat mayat anaknya dan pembuktian hasil visum dokter, ayah korban langsung menyuruh pihak rumah sakit untuk mengantar mayat anaknya pulang ke rumah.

Menurut Kesaksian Ayah Korban
“Beberapa jam kemudian setelah mayat anaknya sudah tiba di rumah bersama keluarga, pihak kepolisian Polsek Dosay, Distrik Sentani Barat Tanah Moy, datang menyampaikan turut berduka cita atas meninggalnya anak bapak, dan memberikan bantuan uang senilai Rp. 3.000.000 (Tiga Juta Rupiah), 4 Karung Beras, dan 4 Karton Supermi untuk kebutuhan pemakaman. Melihat scenario tersebut, ayah korban langsung terkejut dan heran dengan tindakan pihak polsek hingga membuat ayah korban tidak habis pikir.

Hari Kedua 26 Juli 2016
Pemakaman Jenazah Korban di Pekuburan Umum Kampung Maribu, Jalan Depapre. Hiruk-pikuk yang penuh tangisan air mata keluarga, sahabat dan teman-teman mengiringi mengantar mayat korban dengan penuh dukacita.

Hari Ketiga 27 Juli 2016
Menurut Kesaksian Ayah Korban
Menurut kesaksian ayah korban, sekitar pukul 09 pagi, ada pihak Jasa Raharja dengan mobil Inova yang bertulis Jasa Raharja, datang menemui saya bersama keluarga korban.

Kesaksian ayah korban, mereka datang dan mengatakan kepada saya, bahwa kami mau membantu uang buat keluarga korban. Kalau bapak bisa tanda tangan surat-surat ini, kami akan kirim uang sekarang juga ke rekening bapak senilai Rp. 25 Juta (Dua Puluh Lima Juta Rupiah).

Mendengar itu, ayah korban mengatakan kepada pihak Jasa Raharja bahwa “Saya tidak bisa melakukan hal tersebut, karena saya masih membayangkan wajah anak saya, dan saya juga tidak punya rekening tabungan.

Mendengar apa yang dijelaskan oleh ayah korban, pihak Jasa Raharja langsung menawari kepada ayah korban bahwa, “Kami bisa membantu membuka rekening bapak sekarang juga, yang penting bapak tanda tangan surat yang kami bawah ini saja, dan rekening kami buka, bapak cuma tanda tangan saja.

Mendengar tawaran pihak Jasa Raharja berulang-ulang, ayah korban langsung dengan tegas menolak semua tawaran pihak Jasa Raharja, yang salah satu anggotanya Marga Kudiay berasal dari Paniai, Papua.

Beberapa jam kemudian, ayah korban langsung memesan mobil dan mengangkut semua bantuan dari pihak kepolisian Polsek Dosay, Distrik Sentani Barat Tanah Moy, diantaranya; bantuan uang senilai Rp. 3.000.000 (Tiga Juta Rupiah), 4 Karung Beras, dan 4 Karton Supermi menuju Polsek setempat untuk dikembalikan. Karena ayah korban tidak tegah menerima semua kepalsuan atas pembunuhan anaknya.

1. KTP Milik Korban                       
2. Motor Milik Korban
Bukti Tusukan Di Bagian Leher Korban
4. Photo Bukti Urat Besar Kaki Korban Yang Dipotong
5. Photo Tubuh Korban
6. Bukti Ola-TKP Kepolisian
Berupa 4 Karung Beras dan 4 Karton Supermi

Melihat tindakan penyiksaan dan pembunuhan yang dilakukan oleh Pasukan Khusus Indonesia terhadap korban pada hari Senin, 25 Juli 2016, maka pernyataan sikap kami sebagai berikut: 

Pertama, Hak hidup kami sebagai masyarakat pribumi Papua terancam sehingga kami meminta kepada Masyarakat Internasional untuk mendesak Komisi HAM Asia Pasifik untuk segera mendesak Sekretaris Jenderal Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa untuk melakukan sebuah intervensi internasional di tanah Papua, untuk menyelesasaikan konflik berkepanjangan yang terus masih terjadi di Papua;

Kedua, Kami meminta kepada Komisi HAM Asia Pasifik untuk segera mendesak Negara-negara Anggota Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa untuk mendesak Sekretaris Jenderal Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa pada Sidang Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa pada bulan September 2016 agar melakukan sebuah intervensi internasional di Tanah Papua;

Ketiga, Kami meminta kepada Ketua Melanesia Spearhead Group (MSG) untuk dapat pertimbangan tindakan penyiksaan dan pembunuhan terhadap Aktivist HAM Muda Papua “RIAN FRANGKLIN DEMENA” pada pertemuan pemimpin MSG pada bulan September 2016 di Port Vila Vanuatu;

Keempat, Kami meminta kepada Ketua Fasific Island Forum (FIF) untuk dapat pertimbangan tindakan penyiksaan dan pembunuhan terhadap Aktivist HAM pada pertemuan (FIF) bulan September 2016.

Kelima, Kami meminta kepada Ketua Sinode GKI di Tanah Papua untuk menyeruhkan kepada Konferensi Gereja-Gereja Pasifik (Pacific Conference of Churches (PCC) mendesak Dewan Gereja Se-Dunia untuk segera memperhatikan keputusan Bursam, Korea Selatan.

Demikian laporan tentang penyiksaan dan pembunuhan terhadap Aktivist HAM Muda Papua oleh Pasukan Khusus Militer Indonesia di Jalan Baru antara Distrik Sentani Barat dan Kemtuk, Kabupaten Jayapura. Oleh karena itu, kami mohon perhatian oleh masyarakat Internasional atas situasi HAM di Papua saat ini.

Jayapura, West Papua, 29 Juli 2016
Menulis dan Melaporkan oleh A.Trapen
West Papuan Rights Activist

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